Starting of your tour by the city of Florina, you can continue by visiting the traditional villages around the area, exploring the nature and the history. The exciting sightseeing will relax your eyes and endulge your senses.

By foot, car, taxi or train you will meet people, pictures, colors and tastes, that make this area special.

Places that will excite you:

Drosopigh, with the excellent pies and fresh milk.
Nymfaio, former Nevaska, on of the best preserved traditional villages in Europe.
The natural spa in between of Agripides and Limnoxori.
The well known Arktouros.
Lehovo, lakes Vegoritida and Petron, the area of Saint Panteleimonas, where you can taste tsipouro - greek traditional drink - and fresh fish.
Aminteo, with the worldwide known wine from Macedonia.
Ksino Nero, Veui, Meliti.
Pisoderi, Bela Voda, Prespa, Saint Achilles, Psarades, Saint Germanos